This sales plan has a monthly cost of 49 € and you will have a virtual shop with a dedicated address.

You will not have to bear any cost to open or close your account, you can request the cancellation of your profile at any time, but you will be charged € 49 per month (VAT included). You will have at your complete disposal a microstore with a dedicated address and you can enter an unlimited number of items in your inventory and catalog them using any product category available on the site. Commissions are 6% + € 0.30 for each product sold.

The Plan in Numbers

Monthly Cost


Commissions on sales


Earnings granted


Seller assistance

In Short Words
  • 49 € per month
  • 6% + 0.30 € commissions on sales
  • Unlimited products
  • Priority guaranteed assistance

We consider this sales plan the best choice for medium to large companies already well established in the world of online sales.