"We love what we do and we want to make the world of online sales within everyone's reach."

Sara P., Web Editor

Who We Are

We are an Italian team of web design and development professionals who love their job and wants to help european sellers achieve online success.

What We Do

We have created a simple and functional website where sellers could feel protected by guaranteeing assistance in case of problems with customers.

Why We Do It

We want to create the perfect marketplace where only certified european sellers with company in their home country can easily and safely sell their products.

We are moving very carefully on the web but we are convinced that we are doing it at our best.
We welcome you to Sipoko, the English alternative to the most famous overseas online retail sites.

In writing this text we want to answer the first question that any user will have in mind:

Why should I buy here? What changes compared to other websites?

Sipoko is not just another E-commerce website, but a real incubator for British companies.

Our goal is to create a marketplace made up of only English companies, which operate, work and ship exclusively from the British territory by paying taxes to the English state.

We would like to be able to bring any company on English soil online from the small village retailer to the large toy store in your city.

Now the internet is evolving rapidly and many shops, even if equipped with great possibilities and desire to work, are scared or simply do not have the equipment to be able to sell online.

We believe that Sipoko will be the right way to ensure sellers a free, easy-to-use window to launch themselves into the online world, and buyers safe shopping.

We offer you our double protection with our Safe Purchase Guarantee which covers any problems related to orders but also through the Stripe payment platform which guarantees security before and after

the purchase.

We guarantee that by continuing to browse you will find:

 √ English sellers only

 √ Always original quality products

 √ Free, fast and tracked shipping

 √ Support and assistance

We would be glad to have you among us as a seller or buyer, WELCOME TO SIPOKO.

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